Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.

Learn-N-Earn Personal Branding Business Publishing & Author Workshops

S.M.A.R.T.  Goals Branding Workshops


goal Setting

Learn -n- Earn Workshop

Incredible but true.  " Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremelt expensive it is to be poor."  James Baldwin 

There is nothing more valuable than time.  Poverty robs you of time. Time to live stress-free, time spent with family, time to pursue your goals and dreams.  Time to read, write, create art and beauty. Time to finetune your gift as a storyteller, author, educator, healer, and more. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of poverty and the lack of sufficient time to dream, act, and pursue your goals?  

Book a  Time Management or Success Strategist Goal workshop or coaching session with Sharen Sierra, Brand - Marketing - Media Strategist.


August 10, 2019, she is in Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio area. 

James Baldwin Poverty Quote the foundation for Sharen Sierra Strategist Time Management Workshop

James Baldwin Poverty Quote the foundation for Sharen Sierra Strategist Time Management Workshop

Ashley Aya Ferguson Mother & Author

Brand Marketing Expert I endorse the author & book as a tool for sharing cultural love Sharen Sierra

Girl, You Are Magic!

"A wonderful book for instilling healthy self-esteem in young girls."  Sharen Sierra Keynote Speaker Women's Empowerment

"A great book for every young boy and insight to self love." Sharen Sierra  Brand Exoert for Authors

Boy, You Are Brilliant!

"A good read for all young boys to reinforce parents guidance in eliminating self doubt"  Sharen Sierra Brand Expert for Authors


Authors Wanted

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2019 2Nd Annual OurStory Book Fair & Expo

2019 OSBFE Thank You Cincinnati

Educational Vendors


Educational Vendors are value partners to and for the success of OURSTORY Book Fair & Expo. A significant part of the founder and committee members mission and focus is to connect our community to viable entities and resources which function as change agents. 

Notable Speaker Series

Dr.Darryl Sims of Sims Publishing in release of new book 25 Words Cincinnati Public School students

OURSTORY Book Fair & Expo founder Bomani Tyehimba with Dr. Lana Bettencourt, Author, Spiritual Healer, and  Entertainment Industry  Expert currently with Tri-Destined Studios Assoc Producer on the BET breakout hit 'The Family Business' adapted from Carl Weber book of the same name


Face painting provided by Oneal Family Painting

Three days of family interactive fun for all ages but nothing quite makes the young and older children smile like face-painting. New Prospect Baptist Church, 5 yr old attendee Jacseon is all smiles as the artist paints the finishing touches of his favorite Marvel action- adventurer character Spider-Man. 

OURSTORY Writers' Workshop Facilitator


Terry Williams Richard,  mother, daughter, friend and Founder of Personalized Educational Services is an author,  teacher, education consultant, and trainer.  She also saw the need to toform a circle of support for women who write and have a goal of publishing their writings. 

Ms. Richard founded,  'Sisters Who Are Writing & Publishing (SWAP).' She is a graduate of Wilberforce University, in Wilberforce, OH with a B.A. degree in mass media communications, minor in literature.

OURSTORY Vendors, Retailers, Entrepreneurs


"African Americans make up just 14% of the population, we are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually." Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

 Are you an entrepreneur wanting to expand your reach and strategically target your merchandise or services to the largest consumer buyer?  (Credit Fortune Mag 2.28.19 Ellen McGirt)

OURSTORY Youth Activities & Entertainment


The pure joy of a child's smile is worth each brush stroke of love tenderly painted by the fantastic artistry of  Oneal's' face-painting founded by the late Griot Robert O'Neal and wife (widow) Julia who worked for years to brand build their small business, along with extended family continue the family business and legacy. A true testamanet to personal branding.

The O' Neal's face-painting group is without question a major part of OURSTORY Book Fair & Expo history dating back to the event conception and the O' Neal's legacy of art and love.

Brand & Writers' Workshop Spring 2019


Why & How to 

create & grow your Brand


  • Framework for how to market yourself as an author not a writer.

Creative Writing

  The foundation and mini lessons for good writing

  •  Writers become more powerful when armed with a “toolbox” of strategies

Learn and Earn

 How to gain an additional forms of income as an author

  • Learn the business of publishing  and how to sell more units and bulk sales




2019 OSBFE 2Nd AnnUal

Thank You!

The 2019 Cincinnati  Black History month celebration titled OURSTORY Book Fair & Expo has ended.  

We the OURSTORY Committee members thank each person involved with the success of 2019 2nd Annual OURSTORY Book Fair & Expo.  

More than 1500 visitors walk through the doors of the Summit Center viewing exhibits, participating with activities for all ages, enjoying music, dance, vendors, teen chats, women forums and so much more. 

OSBFE committee is hard at work planning a series of local community events with the intent of bringing together the 52 communities of the tri-state addressing the public initiatives which both unite and divide our citizens

Stay Tuned for Fun and Exciting Community Events througout 2019

What are the events? 

We are working on several exciting and engaging projects including local community conversations, arts and book readings, meet and greets with national authors, empowerment workshops, family-friendly, season seniors, and single's activities. 

We Kick Off Event OURSTORY Writers' Workshop and Build-A- Brand Series

Authors participate in events like OSBFE to promote and sell books.  

We are thrilled to be a vehicle for the Author and Speakers Series in addition to the traditional and self- publish authors table.

OSBFE committee has compiled a team of local and nationally recognized experts within their field of expertise committed to assisting each attendee in designing and defining milestones leading to accomplishing goals. 

#NeXtUP Writers & BrandinG Workshop

Live The Dream Now

A-B-C's Creative Writing


 “You can talk, so you can write. Get your words on paper and take your  writing through the process.”  

Facilitator Terry Richard

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Keynote Speaker

"Who sells more books a Keynote Speaker or a self published author with limited exposure?" Sharen

'Who sells more books, a Keynote Speaker or Author proficient with personal branding who motivates and inspires an audience to action or a self-published author who has no book branding acumen?'  Facilitator Sharen Sierra 

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Build Your Brand

Writers if lucky sell 300 books a year. "Creating and building your brand sells books" Sharen Sierra

 "Great title, eye-catching book cover great subject matter, trending topic, excellent writing, finally published." 

"Now What?"  Sharen Sierra King

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Publishing Dreams?


Good News For Writers


Good news if you are or someone you know missed a Writers' Workshop class there will be OURSTORY Writers' Workshops  beginning April 2019 through November 2019 held in major cities within Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Objective & Purpose


A touring group of local and national  industry experts.  Each facilitator is either a local or nationally known objective is to assist attendees in writing with more confidence, success, and ease when faced with a blank piece of paper.

Executive Producer & Facilitator


Sharen Sierra  King has lived and worked on projects in four countries with notable brands, NFL, General Motors, NBC, Endemol Productions, Steve Harvey Show and others. Her motto is 'Next Steps' her Brand Workshop, ask the question, "Are you a Writer or Author?

Why Take A Writing Class


Why should you take a writing class? 

If you  have to ask is the first sign you should. Kyle Wiens of the Harvard Business Review agrees. “The practice of good, collaborative writing makes the difference between great business and bad business,”   

My question is why would you not take a writing class.  Regardless if your goal is to be published writer or if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, an HR professional or an first responder.

 During some time if not often you will be expected to cohesive prepare, write a proposal, a report and usually a training program for peers and or your boss.  Effective writing is a communication tool, motivates, teaches time management and empowers you with self- confidence. 


Take A Class Change Your Life


 The classes will include and not limited to the following topics:

  • Grants for Writing 
  •  Branding for Authors
  •  Press Media Publicity
  • Business of Publishing 
  • Poems,  Poetry &  Prose
  • 'ABC's of  Creative Writing
  •  How to Get Paid from Writing
  • Build a Brand Build A Business
  •  How to Write Children’s Literature
  • Business of Writing (TV-Film -Digital 
  • How to Write Romance Novel
  • Key Elements Keynote Speaker
  • Time Management Keys to Success

Truth -N- Testimonial


" I will attend any workshop Sharen Sierra has I can learn about steps that improve my life not just publishing my book."  Joselyn T. Cincinnati

"I have published several books, and I have attended many Branding workshops but nothing like this one. I see a different side of the business."

Terry R. Author- Teacher Cincinnati

I am more than inspired so often a speaker with motivate you and when you leave  the class get home and say, "okay now what?" Sharen Sierra gave us an action plan with steps to take on the road to completing our goals. 

Brit B Los Angeles

Writers' Workshop 2019 Tour

Our Partners


1st Annual OSBFE 2018

Books - Speakers - Workshops - Art - Food - Health & Wellness- Vendors

Purchase African American Books, Black History Bookstore, Black Wakanda, Black Panther

2018 Speaker Sydney Keys III Books N Bros

CNN Heroes 2017 Sydney Keys speaking at Cincinnati Black Book Fair 2018 Co-founder Books N Bros

At 11 years old, Sidney Keys III  and his mother Winnie founded Books n Bros. Sidney encourages a love of reading by helping boys see themselves in books through his monthly book club. Sidney now 13  is the 2017 recipient of CNN Young Wonder - CNN Heroes       

              Getty Images

2018 Speaker Series Dr. Chike Akua

Dr Chike Akua speaker educator author OurStory Book Fair Cincinnati african american students books

Educator, Author, "Far too many students do not understand or appreciate the sacrifices and opportunities made available to them due to their ancestors. The book that is changing the way Black students see themselves, their history, culture, power, and potential. As is his book Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations 7 Steps to Black Students Success

2020 Forms and Applications

  • Vendor Form 
  • School Field Trip
  • Sponsorship Form 
  • Volunteer Application
  • Writers Workshop & Speakers Panel  Application 

2020 field trip day letter (pdf)


2020 OURSTORY Volunteer Application Form (1) (pdf)


2020 OURSTORY Vendor Application (pdf)


2020 ourstory panel application (pdf)


2020 kID'S Korner Everyday

CinCInnati Ourstory bookfair & expo

2018 Collaboration Partners


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