Writing & Branding Workshops August 2019


Aug. 10, 2019 Open to the Public Registration Required

  • Each workshop is open to the public and has a  fee.
  • Each  facilitator has more than twenty years of expertise in their field
  • Book a 90 - minute class through OURSTORY website  for a reduced fee
  • Book each class for $50.00 
  • Conclusion of each class, participants will be asked to fill out a survey 
  • OBFE uses post-event surveys to create strategies for development and continued success.

Testimonials Past Writers' Workshop


Sharen Sierra put together an event with so many talented and diverse talents. Dr. Chike Akua blew me away with how he broke it down how to market and sell my soon to be released book. I know a lot of broke authors. Now with Sharen's brand and publishing information and Dr Akua information, I will put a plan in place.  Lawrence  G.  West Chester 2018  



'I have attended several Branding workshops but now that I have seen the information with facts and data Sharen Sierra has provided I understand everything I was doing was surface and worse exactly what every other person I knew was doing.  I learned so much.' Terry Richards, Writer February Ohio 2019

Workshop Availability

Cincinnati, Dayton, Covington join Brand Marketing Expert and facilitator Sharen Sierra for one day or three branding workshops and learn how to plan and develop a marketing strategy. Each workshop has limited seatings, please reserve and pay for your seat early.  When a class is at seating capacity, we will make every attempt to schedule another like or similar workshop. Three workshops facilitated by Sharen Sierra, brand storytelling 

Payment Due

The facilitator will not be able to take any form of payment before, beginning, during or at the conclusion time of the workshop. 

Latecomers or No Shows - No Refund

Arrive early or on time for workshops. There is a 10 minute grace period for latecomers to enter the room. After the 10-minute grace period has lapsed entry into the class is the facilitator's decision to allow entry.  There are no refunds. No exceptions

Materials Needed

Please arrive on time and with appropriate writing and note-taking materials.  

Learn - N - Earn Workshop

Build Your Brand-Sell Books

Writers are Born Best- Selling Authors are Brands. Learn Basics How to Brand as an Author

Writers are born, best-selling Authors Build Brands. Learn the critical elements of Branding for Authors. Before you publish, know the business of publishing. Successful authors are Brands, but before they hit the bestselling list they learn about publishing Do you have Readers who carry the banner for your books? How are you different from other authors. Is your Brand clearly defined and energetically resonant with your audience?

 Do you have an effective marketing plan?  S.M.A.R.T. Goal as a daily tool will assist you in setting short and long term goals, sharpen your time-management skills helping you achieve success. 

Keys to Keynote Speaking

Sharen Sierra shares Keys to Keynote Speaking and How to Brand yourself as a Keynote/Motivational


The Keys to Keynote Speaking is to do the work. Yes, keynote or motivational speaking can be a lucrative career, but please take note is it is a process.  If I had $100 for every person, who voices, 'I think I can motivate people I want to become a motivational speaker.' I ask, what is your expertise, two what is your unique story associated with your topic. 

A large percentage fail to answer either question concisely. The class will cover the basics of how to set yourself as a Keynote/ Motivational Speaker. 

Keys to Keynote Speaking

Personal Branding is critcial for Keynote Speakers, Authors,  Non-Profits, Small Business Owners .

 Personal Branding is critical for every person but tantamount for Keynote Speakers, Authors, Non-Profits, Small Business Owners. What is a Personal Brand? Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is quoted as saying, 'Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.' True but add on what the internet says about you is also your  Brand. In today's society, digital can affect every aspect of your personal and business life. Personal and Business Branding is a crucial component of your ability to 

  1. Increase revenue 
  2. Customer Loyalty
  3. Stays on message
  4. Increases sales, engagement
  5. Confirms identity, reputation, and credibility 
  6. Emotionally connects target audience to a product, person or service


Terry Williams - Richard

PES s goal is to educate, empower children and adults for success in learning and in life.

 A much sought after Editor - Educator, and Author.  Terry classes are interactive and informative. Attendees, create, edit and rewrite. Ms. Ricahrd is the founder of PES, Personalized Educational Services.  She turtors and works with students all ages from 4 to 104. 

Sharen Sierra

Sharen King,  Branding Expert, Keynote Speaker, Single Lifestyle Guru, Exec Prod Ask Steve Harvey

Sharen King a Social Entrepreneur Keynote Empowerment Speaker is a Global Branding Expert with extensive Media - Marketing - Digital Technology experience across industries.  Clients range from Emmy Award Winning Television  Steve Harvey  Show - NFL and SME businesses 

Franki Kidd - Butler


FBK is an Independent Author, Activist, Press Freedom Incentive Fund Recipient. FBK has a wide range of skill sets to assist others to tell their unique story ranging from eBooks, web content, blogs, articles, and press releases. 

Writers' Workshop Sponsors

Our Partners


Coaches & Facilitators

Dr. Lana Bettencourt

Dr. Lana Bettencourt travels the world performing healings and lecturing  tools she has acquired.

 Has a duo Career: Entertainment Industry and Spiritual Counselor.  She is also a world renowned Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Author, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner and Deeksha Blessing Giver, has performed at least six medically documented Miracle Healings since 2004.    The book and movie,  Angel Wishes – Journey of a Spiritual Healer documents this miracle healer’s Spiritual path. 

Rev. Dr. Darryl Sims Ph.D

 Cultural Ethicist, Dr. Darryl Sims Author, Entrepreneur, Educator and Publisher and Reverend/Pastor

 Cultural Ethicist, Dr. Darryl Sims Author, Entrepreneur, Educator and Publisher. Author of 52 Words Every African American Male  Adolescent Should Know and there is a, Female edition. In addition  Darryl Sims was licensed to preach the gospel at Metropolitan Baptist Church in 1997 under Pastor H. Beecher Hicks Jr. He earned a Master of Divinity degree  from Howard University School of Divinity in 1999. 

Close the deal


Are you a Keynote Speaker, Author, Storyteller or Media Professional? Do you want to showcase your gift and talent while sharing resources and lifeskills? If any or all of the above are you, we are open to expanding the OURSTORY group of talented and gifted facilitators and keynote speakers.  Please email  and attach Bio: to